No Commission: Berlin


An immersive digital art & music experience in Berlin.
Kraftwerk Rummelsburg, Berlin, Germany
5th Global Installment
June 29-July 1, 2017

Amaury Berillon
Morgan Blair
Walker Brengel
Jonas Burgert
Jens Einhorn
Kadara Enyeasi
Jamie Evans
Shepard Fairey
Wendy Fulenwider Liszt Wyatt Gallery
Rachel Garrard
Nadine Ijewere
Paul Insect
Marcus Jahmal
Royal Jarmon
Manuel Kirsch
Jerome Lagarrigue
Caroline Larsen
Daniel Jack Lyons
Nelson Makamo
Jaybo Monk
Jayson Musson
Yoh Nagao
Musa N. Nxumalo
Felipe Pantone
Fabio Ruffet
Jason Seife
Semra Sevin
Ming Smith
Matthew Stone
Rupert Whale
Zio Ziegler

            No Commission is a roving experiential platform organized by The Dean Collection & Bacardi to forge a direct link between art and art patronage.  No Commission is curated by Concept NV and designed specifically to support artists in different territories around the world.

        Contemporary Berlin is a hub for prolific experimentation, the city is a convergence of radical social histories and underground creative networks that weave together to create a dynamic present. It is where transient geniuses and hometown heroes flock to find artistic freedom, rigor and enlightenment. No Commission celebrates Berlin using the city as inspiration to examine the crossroad, the intersection point.

            A parallel contemplation is the Golden Era of 1920s Berlin, a time when intellectual life flourished amidst the social chaos of the inter-World War period and opportunities existed for anyone with groundbreaking ideas. Decadence of thought and action ruled while uncertainty fueled innovation and passionate politics. Indulgence commanded cabarets and nightclubs and catastrophe heightened visionary impulse.

            In this spirit, No Commission Berlin artists, both emerging and established, from Africa, Europe and North America illustrate a vision of the world as they see it.

No Commission welcomes two unique activations to our Berlin platform:

            The Heliotrope Foundation, founded by artist Caledonia ‘Swoon’ Curry presents an exhibition of prints from 50 artists to be sold in support of communities recovering from social, environmental and economic crises.

            No Commission Berlin, Central St. Martins, London and Berlin Masters join forces to exhibit the work of four selected 2017 graduates who demonstrate a capacity for future success in the visual arts.