No Commission: Miami


An immersive art & music experience in Miami.
Faena Forum, Miami beach, USA
7th Global installment
December 6-7, 2018

        No Commission is a roving experiential platform organized by The Dean Collection & Bacardi to forge a direct link between art and art patronage. No Commission is curated by Concept NV and designed specifically to support artists in different territories around the world.

        For years, photography was considered a traditional art form. A professional grade camera and formal studio practice were the norm. With the proliferation of social media, photography transformed into a passion point for many and a second language for the millennium-minded. Suddenly, taking pictures became everyone’s story-telling tool and technology leveled the rigors of the field. No Commission Miami 2018, “Take the Shot” focuses singularly on the medium of photography and explores its evolution in the digital age. No Commission Miami features artists from the United States who occupy important space between simple photo-capture and iconic image-making.

        No Commission Miami 2018 is the seventh in a series of artist support collaborations. Past editions were held in Miami, New York, London, Shanghai and Berlin where artworks were sold and artists retained 100% of sales proceeds. Over $4 million were put back into the hands of artists.